50 Ways Music Can Change the World

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Here’s a fun idea: Let’s see if we can all compile a list of 50 ways music can be used to help and better the world at home and abroad. Remember, music has amazing healing benefits and many people can use it to promote health, healing, and peace. When we help others, we also feel better, so the rewards are universal. Once we have finished the list, I will compile it into a master list and publish it so that you can pass it on to your students. Kids love to help, and finding the bridge between music and community service is a great to get kids interested in helping others. I’ll start:

1. Perform at a retirement home. 

2. Perform at a Children’s Hospital

3. Perform at a regular hospital.

4. Call your grandmother and sing her a song.

5. Write a song for your parents.

6 Practice with the windows open so that your neighbors walking by will be hit with the beautiful sounds of a live instrument, and a muse in training. 

7. Play music in the park

8. Play music for your dogs (they love it!)

9. Design a special iTunes playlist and email it to your sister or brother

10. Teach your baby sister how to drum

11. Host a drum circle at your local park or beach

12. Host a “Peace Song” Songwriting contest

13. Host a Children’s Concert at a VA hospital

14. Perform at Church/Temple/Sangha/etc.

15. Play live music during a yoga class.

16. Perform on a tourist-busy street and collect donations in your instrument case.  Give the donations to the Homeless or a different charity of your choice.

17. When a friend is feeling down, singing him or her a funny song.

18. Buy a sick friend a really great CD.

Okay. Now your turn. If everyone on this blog adds just a few things, I think we can get our 50 items. 

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