Music Instructor JKroll

I teach in my home studio in Maple Grove, Minnesota.

My musical background began as a young child and continued at the music department of Concordia College in Moorhead, MN. I sang with the Minnesota All State Choir and the Concordia Choir, when I was young. I have been teaching students to play the piano for 15 years. I have also been very involved with music at my church for over 20 years.

I teach 45 preschooler to adult students.

I enjoy teaching students to play the piano and want them to enjoy their time at the piano, and at their lessons. It is important that lessons are enjoyable and the environment is one in which the children will learn to play well. Lessons are geared to suit each student and I welcome any information to help determine what each student needs to be successful. I am always willing to try something new to keep a student interested in lessons. All students are taught the theory and technique of music.

Becoming a “successful pianist” means different things to each student and family. Some want to ensure that one can simply sit down and play fun tunes. Others may have more lofty goals, such as playing for a choir or band, or even becoming a professional pianist. My goal as a teacher is to teach all children to play the piano to the best of their ability and help them achieve their personal goals.

Keeping a business running efficiently is important. A Time 4/4 Music is organized because I have a long list of detailed guidelines, from which I do not stray, and because Music Teachers Helper keeps my business organized.

This email is from a parent of two of my students.
“Ms J, I truly enjoy your professionalism. You approach your scheduling and billing with detail and yet are incredibly warm and encouraging with the children. Wonderful!” Mrs. Anderson parent of Paige and Tanner

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