New to the Music Teacher’s Helper Mobile Apps, you can now access the file area, record audio and video, upload, and create new folders with the app. Select the Files tab on the sidebar menu and click the + symbol on the top right to use these new functions. 

music teacher's helper app

Your students can also now record practice sessions in audio and video, save, and it automatically uploads to your file area in a sub-folder with the correct permissions. Students can also access other files shared with them by you.

music teaching apps


record music students audio

Your students can access these new features on the mobile app side bar menu under Practice Log.

music teaching apps


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What are Push Notifications?

Similar to text messages, push notifications are great for sending parents and students timely and relevant information, whether their app is running in the background or inactive. Push notifications are free for both student and teacher. 

music teaching apps

How Does it Work?

Students must install the Music Teacher’s Helper app from either the Apple or Google Play Store and open it once to allow notifications, but it’s not needed to be open to receive notifications. There are currently three types of notifications available and are described below.

Event notifications (Teacher and Student) 

This type of notification is currently for lesson reminders. We will be adding other notifications for this type consistently over time.

student lesson reminders

Payment notifications (Teacher Only)

You can receive a notification when a student or parent makes a payment.

Announcements Notifications

Send announcements right to the home screen of your students’ mobile device using this notification type. This currently sends in real time only. However, we will be adding the ability to schedule Announcements soon. Also, note that only students who have installed the app and accepted notifications will be present in this list.

music student communication

Simply go to the Students Tab and you will see the new Push Notifications Subtab.

music teaching resources

Select the student(s), type your message, and click send!

Student Instructions for Receiving Push Notifications

Your students and their parents can use these simple instructions to start receiving push notifications on their mobile devices. Here’s that instruction link again:

If you have any questions, please let us know by emailing Have a wonderful Friday.



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Software Updates – Minor Updates

September 15th, 2015 by

This week, we released updates for 22 items and issues reported by members and the Music Teacher’s Helper Quality & Assurance Team. Next week, we will have several announcements for new updates that we think you will be excited about. Stay tuned and have a great week!


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No member facing changes made this week. The following are changes made by the programming team to further strengthen the software:

  • Released a major security improvement upgrade.
  • Issued patches for 30 minor improvements and updates reported by the Quality & Assurance Team and members.

Let us know if you have any questions by emailing support – Have a great week!

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Software Updates – Quality Control Updates and Slight Color Changes

This week we made minor updates for a couple dozen issues reported by customers and the MTH Quality Control team, and continued to improve the codebase for better security and stability.

You may have also noticed that some colors within the application are slightly updated as we begin to modernize the interface of the software in very small steps.

We hope you had an enjoyable summer, and look forward to working with you this coming year!


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New Updates for Existing Themes to help out mobile visitors.

We’ve updated the “Music Staff”, “Piano”, and “Balance” themes so that they adapt to fit mobile screens, and include a mobile menu.




Last week we’ve also made improvements for 50 requests made by customers and the MTH Quality Assurance team.


Please do let us know which themes you would like to see updated next!




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Music Teacher iPhone

Update Released for the Music Teacher’s iPhone App

This week we released an update for the Music Teacher’s Helper iPhone app. The newest feature contains a GPS mileage tracker. Also, the calendar was made more user-friendly based on feedback from members. Lastly, there were various bug fixes made to both the iPhone and Android App.

With the desktop version, several minor issues were corrected along with new security and codebase improvements were made.

Want to suggest a new feature or improvement on an existing one? We’re all ears! Please submit a comment on our knowledge base forum.

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music teaching apps

Not many updates to announce this week. If you haven’t already, try out our iPhone or Android mobile apps.


  • Fixed a bug that affected the updating of events via drag and drop on the calendar.
  • Corrected 30 issues reported by the Quality & Assurance Team.

Let us know if you have any questions about using Music Teacher’s Helper by contacting Have a great week.

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We are excited to share the news that the latest Android app update has just been released. The more notable new features include the ability to create & preview invoices, manage payments, invoices, & fees, issue make-ups & credits, and automatically track mileage using GPS. Here are additional updates made:

  • Home screen widget – view today’s event list or quickly add a new event.
  • Swipe-to-delete data in lists.
  • Import student or adult contact information from default Android phone book.
  • View previous month events in calendar view.
  • Additional minor enhancements & bug fixes.

Improvements made to the desktop version this past week:

  • Fixed a bug that allowed pasting of events onto block dates.
  • Solved 26 issues reported by customers and the Quality & Assurance Team.

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Music teaching apps

Several weeks back, we updated the Music Teacher’s Helper iPhone app to include invoice creation, editing, and printing. That ability will come shortly to the Android app in the next update. The app comes with your Music Teacher’s Helper account at no additional cost. The information syncs instantly to your desktop account, and vice versa. It can be a real help if you’re away from your studio.

Other fixes:

  • Corrected a set of bugs causing inconsistent dates formats on invoices.
  • Allowed saving of file names containing an apostrophe.
  • Made updates for a couple dozen improvements requested by the Quality and Assurance Team.

Let us know if you have any questions by emailing support – Happy teaching!


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