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I’ve worked with students with special needs for several years now, both as a private voice teacher and as an artist in residence with Very Special Arts. (Very Special Arts is a non profit organization that provides arts instruction for students with special needs. Click here for more info.) I’ve worked with students with varying degrees of challenges. Some so mild that it took me months to figure out that they had a learning disability and some that were severely physically and mentally handicapped. However, the benefits of music instruction to students with special needs far outweigh any extra effort you must put in to make lessons accessible for them. Any effort that you put in will be payed back tenfold. Here are a few tips to help you tailor lessons to a student with special needs.


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Hello music teachers! Here is the list of our latest updates to Music Teacher’s Helper. Thank you all for your suggestions and feedback. Music Teacher’s Helper wouldn’t be what it is without you!
  • Changed “Students Owing” report to “Families Owing” for a more accurate description
  • Fixed a bug in the new email system that was making attachments not send.
  • Put 500kb size restriction on logo files for uploading. Please shrink your logos before uploading.
  • Password reminder emails requested by students and parents will now contain a link to the teacher’s studio website
  • Improved the “Contact Us” page so it shows related knowledgebase articles as you type your message.
  • Added knowledgebase search to main support page
  • Event location now shows up on the list of events on the student and parent home pages when they login.
  • Added .rtf to the list of allowed file extensions for the File Area [···]
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