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I ran across a new magazine that I wanted to share with the other teachers and working musicians here at Music Teacher’s Helper.

When I was a young musician, I used to head over to the house of a working bassist I knew and read his music magazines.  Among his literary gems was a periodical called Gig.  It was a trade magazine that focused on helping professional musicians succeed at the business of music.

As I grew older and became a working musician,  Gig magazine ceased being published.  I wondered if anyone else missed this magazine, and if there would be another periodical that would someday replace Gig.

A new periodical, called MusicPro Magazine, might just fill that void.  MusicPro magazine is available online and it is free to all subscribers.  This magazine is written by professional musicians as a resource for fellow professional musicians.  (The editor of the magazine is a music teacher and professional drummer.)   This is a resource you may want to check out and add to your reading list.  Head to:

Follow this link to subscribe:


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The New Year is a great time to evaluate your career goals. Are you satisfied where you are and where you’re teaching or studio is headed? Or do you want to make a change, move up the education ladder or pursue a different interest?

Pursuing an advanced degree in music pedagogy or music education not only means further knowledge of your primary instrument and its teaching practices, but also means possibilities for advancement if you teach in the public school or university, or in increase in income as a private studio teacher.  But are the costs and rigors of grad school really worth it?

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My business is located in the north suburbs of Chicago – the population in my ‘burb is around 75,000 people and there are at least six or seven other suburbs nestled around it with populations that have the same general head count.

In areas with populations that large, there are usually several music stores/lesson studios that serve the area. They may not be located right next to each other but they are in the same general area.

When I first opened my business I felt threatened by all of them – particularly because I was doing advertising on some of the free bulletin boards out there on the Internet so the other ads would be listed right next to mine. Anyone that taught guitar was the competition and needed to be kept at bay and outwitted!

But as I was driving to the grocery store one day a realization hit me. Much like a grocery store, my lesson studio services my immediate area. Even though there are 75,000 people in my suburb, they aren’t all located in close proximity to where I’m at. That’s an important distinction to make. [···]

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