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In “Taming The Sheet Music Tiger, Part 1”, I started exploring the possibilities of converting my entire sheet music collection into a digital format. (See The process of digitizing my collection to save space and improve searchability has been going very well. The process takes time like any large archiving project. It is similar to ripping a CD collection to MP3. However, the benefits are already presenting themselves. I do have more space in my apartment. I can easily mail a PDF file to a student which can be viewed or printed on their computer at home. I’ve already seen a saving on toner and paper costs.

I have had to invest in hard drive storage for my digital sheet music collection. This was mainly to create plenty of backup copies. I also needed to backup tens of thousands of MP3s, photos, my web page, and my home project studio files. I wanted copies of my data stored offline, to be protected against power surges that could damage the originals on my main computer drives. External drives seemed to be the answer. To save money on drive storage, I learned how to build an external hard drive.


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