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When I started the “Taming The Sheet Music Tiger” project, I was partially inspired by a display I saw at a NAMM show a few years ago.  I had seen the FreeHand Systems ( Music Pad Pro being demoed:

Music Pad Pro

Click here for a YouTube video of a NAMM show demo

My colleague and I were instantly enamored with the idea of carrying a light tablet PC with our sheet music on it instead of a bag (or 2) of books and sheet music.

The cost however, felt a bit prohibitive.  The consumer was also buying into a dedicated, proprietary system.  So one would still have to lug their laptop in addition to the Music Pro Plus tablet.  And of course, my colleague pointed out that if it ever failed, you didn’t have a backup. I decided I would be happy to leave copies of my books in my car to ride from place to place, never to be unpacked unless there was a digital copy failure.  The Music Pad Pro could go into my workplace with me, with the books in the car as my backup.  However, the cost was still  prohibitive for me, starting at over $1000.  (The Music Pad Pro currently runs about $899 at

It has been a few years since that first inspiration, and my desire for a paperless office has not died.    In “Taming The Sheet Music Tiger” part 1 and part 2, I’ve been finding a system to easily scan my music library “en masse”, and ways to create affordable storage and backup options.  The next step is getting all of this effort to translate into a portable digital “book” of sheet music, which is well within my budget.


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