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Teaching music requires basic tools like staff paper, textbooks, good instruments, patience, people skills, and years of practice. But over time, every teacher discovers various tools and tricks that makes their job much easier.  Some are obvious (like a chord stamp) and some are not as obvious (like an over door shoe organizer).   Here’s a list of 10 teaching tools and tips.

1)  The MGT Mountable Gig Tray

This item started out on crash cymbal stand for my drum kit.  It was exclusively used at gigs by student drummers. At home, it started becoming my pencil holder during band practices.  One day, after trying to organize the clutter of tuners, rosin and other teaching related items, I had an insight.  I unbolted the Gig Tray from the crash stand and carried it to my lesson studio.  I attached it to the music stand in my teaching studio. Now it keeps my pencils, tuners, metronome, picks, capo, rosin, rosin remover, index cards, cables, and even a drum machine all organized and close at hand.  Even the students noted the improvement in the flow of their lessons simply because items were within easy reach for both teacher and student.  More product info at:


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