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It amazes me how much people don’t understand the weighty emotional investment a teacher makes.  Heck, I didn’t even get it for quite awhile.

When the time comes that certain students have to leave lessons, there are times I am bit low for a week (maybe even longer) about it. My significant other used to think it was largely about paying the bills; “Oh, it will be okay. You’ll find a new student soon enough.”

One of my peers is a compassionate, empathic, deeply caring teacher. He is much like myself.  I was talking to him after he lost one of his students and we found that we have the same experience. He expressed it quite well; “That happens to me too. People don’t realize how much you’ve invested in that student. You grieve. There is a loss.” That helped me find words for what I was feeling, and then explain those feelings to my significant other.

So it is very hard, when you realize people don’t understand that emotional investment. And it gets worse when a parent or student chooses to disrespect it on various levels. You may have a rapid disconnect from your investment of energy. Depending on how the situation occurs, there may not be a good emotional resolution.


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