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Happy New Year!

We hope your studio is off to a great new start for 2011! Now is the perfect time to review how you’re doing in your business, and your goals for the coming year. If you use Music Teacher’s Helper to manage your studio, you know how helpful it is to have your teaching business organized all in one place. If you’ve been with us for over a year, you also have the benefit of a full year’s worth of financial data, making it easy to run an income/expense report to help with taxes.

If you haven’t been tracking your income, expenses, mileage, attendance, or other information completely in 2010, I encourage you to make it a goal for 2011 to keep accurate records. Not only will it save you time when tax season approaches, but it will make it easier to gauge your studio’s growth and  help you see where you can improve. There’s also a great peace of mind that comes with an organized and automated studio.

Here are the features and bug fixes we’ve added this month. If you  [···]

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With only a few days of 2010 remaining, it is time to consider your goals for yourself in the New Year. I am very goal orientated when it comes to my students (preparing for a graded exam, polishing a piece for a recital or competition, mastering a particular technique), but I often forget to think through my own teaching goals. So what are your goals for this year?


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A couple months ago I developed a Studio Etiquette. With a large number of students and their family members coming and going every week, I decided that it was time I put something in writing. It has worked very well!

My Studio Etiquette is different from Studio Policy. It does not deal with payment, cancelation, or make-ups, but addresses student and family behavior at the studio. Many of my students are very young, with even younger siblings, and it was becoming more and more frustrating and time consuming to clean the studio at the end of each teaching day, not to mention wipe off ghastly finger marks off my beloved piano! Since implementing the Studio Etiquette, my cleaning time has reduced, and I am much happier at the end of a busy teaching day. I have fine tuned the details, and would like to share my updated list with the MTH community. [···]

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