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Last summer, a friend recommended a book to me called “Brain Rules”, by Dr. Jon Medina.  The books comes with a DVD, which my friend played for me on his laptop during a trip to Chicago.   A bit of a self improvement junkie, I found myself instantly riveted and I bought the book and the audio book shortly thereafter.  Dr. Medina’s book presents twelve rules that people should understand about how their brains work.  The twelve rules are presented in twelve chapters.  At the end of each chapter, Dr. Medina presents several suggestions to implement these rules and (possibly) transform your life.  Some of the suggestions are simple, and some suggest a reshaping of some of society’s current habits and norms.

Prior to reading Medina’s book, I found myself reconciling lessons and answering emails from 1 to 2 hours per day. In addition to that, I would try to squeeze in thirty minutes of exercise plus two hours of daily practice. Never mind teaching a full load of 60 students and group lessons 6 days a week! And then just daily tasks – cooking, cleaning the studio, paying bills, returning phone calls. This is no small task to get all of these items done. Unfortunately, (like most people) exercise was frequently trimmed from the daily to do list when things got hectic. And exercise was the thing that would benefit me the most in navigating this demanding schedule.


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