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“Listen, son, how old are you?” Clyde asked.

“I’m twenty-five.”

“Let’s see know. That means you’ve been alive for a little over 9,000 days. If you had a dollar for each day that you’ve been alive, you might not even be able to buy a new car. Think about that. Now let’s say you make it to fifty years old. That’s only 18,250 days. Even if you live to be seventy, you’re still only about 25,550 days old, not including leap years. A dollar a day and you still can’t buy a house. If we were to attach the same value to our days as we do to our money, we might understand how precious little time we have here on this planet.”

“Now let’s look at how many of these 25,550 days are spend doing nuthin’,” Clyde continued. “Let’s say that you sleep eight hours a day. That comes out to one day’s worth of sleep every three days, a total of 8,516 days. Subtract from that the original 25,550 and you are left with only 17,034 days. That’s fewer days than if you live to be fifty. Now add in your early years when most of your big decisions are made for you, the hours spent watching TV, time spent being sick, time spent working a job you didn’t like, and days that were just flat out wasted for one reason or another. Now, how much time do you think is left? Just a few thousand days, that’s all. And that’s taking for granted you make it to see your seventieth birthday. That’s not much time for you to become who you say you want to be unless yous learn to use yo’ mind.”

My reading list contains several books that I re-read every year. These books usually have lessons that take a bit of time to absorb, and I find the benefit comes from real repetition of the message. I’ve already visited my re-read of the “Artist’s Way” and “Zen Guitar” this year. I’m currently re-reading Victor Wooten’s “The Music Lesson”.


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