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I have had an interesting life of moving. I was born in Taiwan, immigrated to New Zealand with my family when I was a teenager, moved to Long Island, New York with my husband in 2005, and most recently moved to southern California in 2009. After graduating from university, I had a very successful full time teaching career before moving to the United States, then after much effort, just as I finally re-established a full time studio in New York, I had to move again! It has been a year since my last move, and I am happy to say that my studio is once again financially healthy. I am going to share the secrets of how I rebuilt my studio from scratch, twice!

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I am inspired to write this entry after reading Chris Foley’s well written article “Lessons learned from a studio recital”.

Chris listed many important factors regarding how to plan for a successful recital. It is this time of the year again when many teachers hold a recital at the end of the year to coincide with the holiday season; I thought I would add onto Chris’s list, sharing my own experiences planning for studio recitals.

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As a music teacher, you probably know how hard it is to get your students motivated to keep
practicing. While parents may push and you may do all you can to encourage, sometimes it just isn’t
enough to get them going. Whenever I’m looking for a good dose of practicing inspiration, I watch a
movie. Here are a few of my favorite movies featuring musicians as protagonists:

1. The Legend of 1900
In this movie based originally on an Italian novel, Tim Roth plays an orphaned piano prodigy who is
born on a cruise ship, where he plays the piano for the ship’s guests. Known only as 1900, the pianist
struggles leaving the ship, being consumed for his love of music and fearful of the world beyond it.
Perhaps the most invigorating part of the movie is where he challenges Jelly Roll Morton to a piano
duel aboard the luxury ocean liner.

2. August Rush [···]

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