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Happy New Year! We hope your year is off to a great start. We’re continuing to work hard to make your music teaching studio even easier to manage with Music Teacher’s Helper.

The native iPhone app is almost finished and we plan to submit it to the Apple iTunes store by the end of January. Please see below for our the latest updates and changes.

  • We improved the Daily Summary report. It now gives a detailed view of each lesson’s participants and it includes global/studio-wide events.
  • The social buttons on the footer caused Internet Explorer to popup a security question too often. We decided to remove them for your convenience.
  • Good news to all affiliates! We’ve increased the cookie retention time from 60 to 180 days. This will give new referrals more time to decide if they want to sign up for a free trial. Remember that if there is no time limit on how long they take to upgrade to a paying account after that point.
  • Fixed a rare bug when calendar events were not showing up when viewing day view.
  • On the studio website’s contact form, parents needed to  [···]
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I am writing to see if anyone else from the Music Teachers Helper community is going to the Music Teachers National Association 2012 National Conference held in New York city from March 24-28. This will be my first time attending a national conference for music teachers, and I am super excited!

The Conference Schedule is packed with workshops, masterclasses, exhibition showcases, and there is a very strong focus on the business side of teaching music, with a whole day dedicated to PROFESSIONAL STUDIO INSTITUTE: Building a Successful Studio in Any Kind of Economy. For those that already have a thriving studio and may not be interested in studio marketing, there is an alternative session called Teaching Artistry, where “Attendees will learn strategies for teaching artistry to students of all levels. Four tracks will explore the topics of technique, basic essential repertoire, advanced repertoire/competition preparation and developing artistry.”

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R&B vocalist Kira Small and her husband, bassist Bryan Beller, was in our area this summer to perform at a house concert that I was hosting. After the concert, Kira was selling CDs at the merch table. She was taking credit card purchases with this tiny white box that plugs into to her iPhone.

She told me about Square, and I decided I would test it out and see how it worked for my teaching studio. At this point all my credit card transactions were happening through PayPal, so it seemed wise to develop some alternatives.

Square has been fantastic so far, a huge step up from Paypal in many respects. The transaction fees are lower (we will look at data shortly), I have the ability to take payments anywhere quickly, I can provide receipts on the spot, and all the money is automatically deposited overnight in my bank account.

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