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Recently, a friend told me about an app that has made teaching and practicing jazz significantly easier for him. This cool little app is called iRealbook. And it’s available for iPhone, iTouch, iPad, Mac, and Droid phone. It is important to note that the Droid version does not have as many features as it’s iPhone counterpart…more on that in a bit. Or if Android users don’t want to wait, skip directly to points one and two to find out what features are missing.

iRealbook is a chord chart version of the Realbook. There are hundreds of chord charts of jazz, Latin, and Brazilian tunes. You can transpose the charts into other keys easily. The “Apple friendly” versions have a practice play along for each chart, functioning much like the popular Band In A Box program.

You can work on improvisation, walking bass lines, scale and arpeggio exercises to an accompaniment, all with your iPhone. It is a great, portable way to carry many practice tools with you.

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