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The other day I received a call from a parent asking to discuss his daughters progress in her band she is enrolled in. I run a small music school called the Brooklyn Music Factory and a cornerstone of our program is the bi weekly band rehearsals. Kids can sign up for different styles of music like the all Motown band, Atlantic Ave. Soul Review or the New Wave synth group, Club Keyboard. The kids love the chance to practice and eventually perform and for the band leaders (teachers) it is wonderful to dive head first into one genre or songwriter. What the phone call from this father made me realize is that it is not as easily apparent to those observing the actual musical value of a band program. Sure, they see that their child is having fun, in fact, tons of fun, but as this parent pointed out, “sometimes if a kid is having too much fun, how can they really be learning anything?” This entry is dedicated to how to respond to parents effectively and what I see to be the value of the group learning environment that can be both tons of fun and extremely educational.


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