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Support your students:

  • Go to their performances, even if it takes extra time (I recently drove 150 miles round trip for a 30 minute performance – see picture of the band The NevaeH

    The NevaeH Live at the Pima County Fair

    playing live at the Pima County Fair, opening for Anberlin; my student is the lead singer and main songwriter; we spent the next lesson dissecting the performance and finding places he has improved and what he still needs to work on)

  • Always be honest with your students
    • Always be kind to your students
    • Always be encouraging with your students
  • Let your students know your professional opinion of their potential
    • Give them the information THEY need to make progress
    • Help them to understand their expectations and how realistic those expectations may be
    • Help students to understand the true level of professionalism required (if that’s their goal) – then, give them the tools to achieve that goal
  • Stay on task in the studio [···]
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