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A few months ago, I began looking for a vocal warm up CD. Up until that point, I always played the warm ups on the piano myself. As you know, playing the piano and singing requires a division of energy, and I was desperately wanting to focus all of my attention on my voice. I spent an hour on iTunes and Amazon testing out different CDs. Many coaches had somewhat irritating voices, and I could not see myself getting through a half-hour workout listening to them each day. Others were too boring and reminded me of high school choir. When I landed on the Music Academy Essential Vocals Warm Up CD I was pleasantly surprised.

The coach has a UK accent which is always soothing to my American ears, and I liked that they were challenging at first, but proved to help my vocal chords become more flexible over time. I even began using some of the tracks in my voice lessons.

For the past 3 months, I have used this CD daily. I notice my range becoming higher and my tone more controlled and flexible. As teachers it can be really hard to make time for our own practice, and I have found this CD to help my voice stay fit and strong. I have even moved onto the advanced CD in order to make my practice last for an hour each day. I highly recommend it!

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When reading through other blog posts on MTH this month I notice that the focus is on ‘back to school’ for most of the writers. Down here in the Southern Hemisphere we’re in the second half of the teaching year and my students are currently in the thick of the eisteddfod/competition season and are looking ahead to the end of year exam sessions in a few months time. Consequently, the focus in my studio over the past month has been memorisation. [···]

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