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Recently I set the challenge for some of my students to find what they thought was the most useful free music iPhone app. A recent focus in my studio on developing aural skills was evident when multiple students came back raving about a free app called ‘Ear Trainer Lite’ (the full Ear Trainer app costs $7.49). [···]

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by Guest Blogger Lindsay Wright

Web-based learning has been called the next step in education, and it seems that every aspect of learning has its digital angle. Learning through the Internet isn’t just the exclusive domain of online college courses anymore: even studio arts, with their inherent requirements for hands-on instruction and demonstration, have joined the Internet revolution.

For owners of dance studios, instructors of music, and teachers of art, this new digital dimension of arts instruction can be intimidating. From designing a website to posting videos to engaging new students, the digital medium requires providers of studio art instruction to develop new skills. However, when done properly the addition of distance learning to your educational repertoire will allow you to recruit new students, market new ideas, and reach people around the globe. [···]

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