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How to look like a professional private music teacher even if you don’t feel like one.


Copywright talldude07

My first experience as a private piano teacher was in a music store.  It was a great experience- I met a lot of great musicians, had access to any materials that I needed, was given free advertising, and enjoyed plenty of help and emotional support.  Those early days in the noisy, damp basement of that music store taught me a lot about the business, about working with people, and about being professional.  Here are a few ideas that I’ve used to increase the professionalism in my own private teaching studio. [···]

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This is an article by guest author Amanda Tradwick

Often, the cost of a new instrument can be prohibitive for some parents
whose children want to start learning how to play an instrument.
However, there are many options for finding affordable instruments to make
it possible for any family budget to accommodate these musical aspirations.
As a music teacher, you can help parents understand these options. Here are
some ideas:

Some music stores offer rental programs for their instruments, which
some parents might find more financially accessible. Rentals are also
a good option for parents who aren’t sure that their children are
serious about their musical studies. They can rent the instrument while their child
determines if it’s the right instrument to study. The student may lose
interest or could decide that another instrument is more appealing.
Parents should be sure to choose a reputable store and should limit
the overall length of time of the rental. Prolonged renting will make
the instrument cost more than purchasing it.

Used Instruments
Many quality used instruments are available through a number of [···]

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