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A Guest Post by Elaine Hirsch

A music teacher who teaches students to produce and compose music must approach the subject of music on a deeper technical and creative level. Teaching students to compose starts with the same fundamentals as teaching them to play. Students of production and composition must learn more about the technical aspects of musical theory, however, and they must also spend more time developing a personal musical voice.

Teachers instructing students to play an instrument require students to listen to, perform, and analyze music. At elementary level education, students do not need to learn much about musical theory beyond the basics of keeping rhythm and reading sheet music. Teachers instructing older students should also provide further specifics about chord theory, harmony, structure, and the variances found in common genres of music. Teachers instructing students on music production and composition must start here, as well. They must instruct their students on how to play, and students should have a thorough understanding of how to play the instrument they plan on composing music for.

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