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Guest Blog by Tom Hess

When thinking about getting started teaching guitar, do you feel any of these things?

  • You want to start teaching guitar lessons but aren’t sure exactly what to do or how to do things.
  • You aren’t always sure how to teach, demonstrate or explain things in ways that all guitar students will understand and be able to learn from.
  • You get nervous when thinking about what will happen if your guitar students simply won’t ‘get it’ no matter how many times you try to show them how to play or understand something on the guitar.
  • You aren’t sure how to determine if you are doing a good job as a guitar teacher or not.

If you can identify with the points above, you are not alone. It is very common for almost all beginning guitar teachers to have the same concerns as you. In fact, even long time guitar teachers will run into these problems if they have not made the effort to locate someone who has already been highly successful as a guitar teacher (and can show them what they are doing wrong). In most cases, these people will teach guitar for years without ever truly making significant improvement in their guitar teaching skills.

Here are 11 common guitar teaching mistakes that less experienced teachers make. If you can stay away from these, you will be well on your way to becoming a highly successful guitar teacher. [···]

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