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When I first started using Music Teacher’s Helper five years ago, I found that I was saving so much administration time that I was able to increase my teaching load considerably. Over the past few years my studio has increased in numbers and has been at full capacity, with a waiting list, for quite some time now. However, I’ve found myself increasing the hours that I am teaching – extending an existing students’ lesson time by another 15 or 30 minutes a week as they progress at their instrument, or taking on siblings of existing students who have been on the waiting list for far too long. This has happened little by little over time, until recently I realised that despite Music Teacher’s Helper taking care of lesson notes, invoicing, resources I’ve lent to students and a whole lot more, there are still lesson plans to write, concerts to organise and emails to respond to. In the past I made sure that I didn’t leave my studio each day until all of this was done, but as my teaching hours have increased I’ve found myself bringing work home.  [···]

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