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Happy New Year….Here I am with more adventures and lessons from the world of the teacher-as-student.

Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear, --not absence of fear. --Mark Twain

Last post I shared with you some great insights from my singing teacher, Renee Sousa, on practicing and overcoming resistance.

Well, I learned that valuable lesson only to discover that resistance is a tricky, sneaky monkey.

I took a trip to see my folks in North Carolina for Christmas and had all kinds of plans to practice my arias and get ready for the auditions for the LA Opera Chorus that were coming up this month. I had also told Renee that I was planning to audition.

Then the following monologue ensued in my brain over the course of the holidays: “You’re not ready for this. You will get in that room and crash and burn. They will figure out that you are an opera phony. You are already doing great in musical theatre. Just stick with what you know. What if Broadway calls? Opera is a such a niche subculture market anyway. Is that were you really belong? And can you seriously see yourself singing in a real opera house? You’re going to be discriminated against from the get-go once they see that you were in Phantom of the Opera and never in an actual opera.

You get the idea. So the fourteen times that I saw, “Set up LA Opera audition appointment” on my to-do list, I simply didn’t set it up. I was afraid. [···]

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