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photo.PNGI write an annual Studio Report to highlight my studio activities throughout the year, including records of student achievements, my own concerts and professional developments, and new programs/softwares/equipments I have to offer my students. The report is usually done at the end of the school year (June).

This year, I am doing something new. I am doing a Studio Yearbook – a photo book! They say a picture is worth a thousand words!

I am so pleased with the result. Here is how I did it:

1. I went back to all the monthly studio newsletters I wrote in 2013 and decided what events I want to highlight in my yearbook.
2. I searched my photo library for pictures. These include recital pictures, pictures taken at the studio, as well as cute student drawings that I receive throughout the year.
3. I got the Shutterfly Photostory App and spent an afternoon on my iPad.

Making the photo book on the iPad was so easy and FUN! Uploading pictures took no time – you can upload from your photo album or from your Facebook account. There are many templates to choose from, and you can make the pages interesting by using different combinations of layouts, number of pictures per page, text, and different color backgrounds. [···]

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