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software for music teachers

Each month, we continue to add features to Music Teacher’s Helper, including the mobile apps.

We are also working behind the scenes on a new look for Music Teacher’s Helper.¬†We will continue to add features every month, but some of the features¬†promised will not be available until the newly designed look is launched, at which time we will continue to add the new, great features to the software each month. While the look and feel of Music Teacher’s Helper will change at some point, adding features is a fluid process that is happening now and will continue after the switch.

A list of requested features is compiled from members through the forum as well as from tickets and phone calls. Please add your input. It’s greatly appreciated by our team. Thank you for understanding and thank you for using Music Teacher’s Helper!

Changes made this week:

  • 34 small improvements and corrections made from bugs reported by the Quality & Assurance Team.
  • Updated security rules to allow educational emails such as ““.
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