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With spring in full swing, we hope that you’re enjoying warmer weather and that your week is going great so far.

To our international members, if you were seeing the U.S. Dollar currency when logging into your account but have local currency in your account settings, that issue has been fixed. We are sorry for any inconvenience that was caused as a result of the currency switch.

In addition to the small fixes and continual progress towards the new billing and invoicing feature being made, here are three fixes from the past week that were all related to the new version:

  • Events were disappearing when dragging and dropping to a new time slot in the Day view.  
  • Editing a repeating event was creating a duplicate event for some members.
  • When viewing the Agenda view in Calendar, events were showing future lessons first. It now shows current lessons first, then future lessons.


Did you know that you can automatically add late fees to overdue invoices?


In the new version, set up your account to automatically act on your studio late payment policy by enabling charging of late fees. You can charge a percentage of the invoice or a flat fee.

To set up, make sure you’re in the new version first, then head over to Settings in the top right dropdown, then click the Invoices & Payments tab, and scroll down to the Reminders and Late Fees section. Add in your late fee amount and make sure to click the green Save button at the bottom when you’re finished. Another task taken out of your hands and automated!  
If you have any questions for us or experience any issues, please reach out to Happy teaching!


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