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Dear fellow music teachers,

I hope you are all having a great summer!

We are approaching the end of July, and can you believe it, the new school year is coming up. Yep, another exciting year of music lessons!

My new studio

This year, I will be implementing some changes to my studio: 

  1. Location – I moved to a new location! The new location has both a studio and a grand living room, where I can hold small recitals/group lessons/parent gatherings.
  2. Instrument – I will be teaching sometimes in the studio, and sometimes in the living room, so students will have the opportunity to get used to playing on a different instrument, rather than the same piano each week. Both pianos are grand pianos.
  3. Policy – I will be more strictly enforcing my policy, especially regarding make ups.
  4. Rates – I will be increasing my fees, as I do every year.
  5. Technology – I will be using more technology in my studio. Currently I subscribe to Piano Maestro, and I will be adding more Theory and Ear Training apps.
  6. Mentorship – I will start a mentorship program where older students will have the opportunity to tutor younger students in Theory as well as help them with practice assignments.
  7. Student programs – I will continue with some of the usual programs my students participate in, but I will also be more active in some others that I believe will be beneficial for their development.
  8. Teacher Coaching – I will start a class for local teachers who would like to improve their teaching skills. I may expand the class to include online participants, so teachers from out of town can join.
  9. Parent Club – I will set a time regularly for parents to come meet one another, ask me questions, and just hang out!
  10. Professional Development – I will schedule time for myself to undertake professional development courses. I always do this anyway, but this year it will be more structured, more goal oriented, and I will schedule more time for myself!

How about you? Are you ready for back-to-school? Are you also going to be implementing changes to your studio? Are there things you have been considering to change but have been reluctant to do so? Do share with us in the comments below!

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