Advertising through your studio website

A teacher recently shared with me how her studio website helped her gain three more students within 24 hours of signing up.

This is from Thanet Baggett. You can see her website at:

I had approx. 30 students when I got very sick and had to quit teaching for a while. When I started back teaching, it seemed much harder to get students than it had been the first time. I have only had 1 student for well over a year now, but in need of many more students. I needed to run an add in the paper to get more students, but I needed more students to be able to run the add. A bit of a catch 22 there.

When I saw the information on Music Teacher’s Helper at the TMTA state convention, I was really excited. About a week after the convention, I started playing around with the free web site. As you know, it can automatically send welcome emails to the students. When my student’s mother received the web site address, via the email, she posted it on an email newsletter that all of the employees at the Texas A&M Vet School receive. Literally, within 24 hours of my starting on the web site, I had received a registration contact for 3 new students. That never would have happened if it hadn’t been for the web site and Music Teacher’s Helper. Thank you! Now I will have enough to run an add in the paper. The web site helps so much, I think I will be including that in the add. Thank you for all of your help and everything you do for music teachers everywhere.

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