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How do your students learn the art of performing? While I do address this topic in their lessons, the majority of my students learn the art of performing through observation and attendance at concerts.  When I started teaching I was surprised at the small number of my students who attended live performances. Upon investigation I discovered that many parents who didn’t have musical training had very little knowledge about our local music scene. A large number of them couldn’t name our State’s orchestra or name a performance venue in our city!At the start of each year I publish a Concert Guide that is emailed to parents and students. In this guide I list the performance details (date, time, venue, cost and repertoire) of local soloists, chamber ensembles and orchestras. I also gather information on touring acts from local music venues.

I am also on the mailing list of local ensembles and venues so that I receive brochures detailing their upcoming season at the start of each year. I leave these brochures with other reading material in the waiting area of my studio. I have also found that if you phone venues and ensembles they are more than willing to send posters and other advertising material relating to upcoming events to your studio.

Throughout the year I email reminders to parents and students of upcoming concerts, including a YouTube link as a preview of the repertoire being played or the ensemble performing. If I believe that a performance will be of particular interest to a large number of students in my studio I inquire about group booking discounts.

I would love to hear ideas of what others are doing to encourage live performance attendance in your studio this year.

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Nicole Murphy
Nicole Murphy is a pianist and composer residing in Queensland, Australia. She has been teaching both piano and composition privately and in schools for over 8 years, with students currently ranging in age from four years to eighty-five years. She holds a Bachelor of Music (Honours Class I) from the Queensland Conservatorium of Music and is currently working towards a Masters of Music. As a freela... [Read more]

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