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Asking the MTH Support Team: Google Search Index

Teacher: How can I get Google to index my web site so it will appear when a Google search is initiated?

MTH: If you want your site to be indexed by Google, the best way is to submit your site to them yourself. They will usually get around to indexing it within a few months. The url to submit your site to Google is:

As far as how to rank high on the search engines, there are a lot of misconceptions out there. First, many people think that meta keywords are the words Google looks at the rank your site. This is no longer true. Meta keywords are basically meaningless these days, and Google practically ignores them. Instead, it pulls the keywords from the content of your site itself.

Google does pay a lot of attention to external links, though. Your site will rank much better if you can get other high-ranking sites to link to yours.

A good resource to learn about search engine optimization and how to get good rankings is

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  1. christopher

    A few other things that help rank your site higher:
    -well thought out title tags (what appears at the top of your browser), “home” isn’t a good title. “Home | Your Name, instrument” is better.
    -Get incoming links. don’t be afraid to contact people and ask to trade links.
    -A good domain name. My website ranks high in searches because it has the words “guitar” and “blog” in it. When people search guitar blog, it comes up near to the top.


  2. trypu

    all in one search engine

  3. Klaus Georg

    I started my blog two weeks ago and submitted it to Google but didn’t get indexed despite posting every day. Then I got some links by claiming it on Technorati and updating my facebook profile to include it. Yesterday Google found one of my posts and today it indexed the main blog page. So you can get it done in less than a month. I recommend getting listed on Technorati, though.

  4. Cynthia Wunsch

    With a great content management system like the one I have, you can export your change log to your google home page, and have your site completely indexed fast (mine was indexed in under six hours). New blog posts are indexed in an average of 48 minutes.

  5. Rackmountsales

    Do you have some heartfelt and positive comments about your studio from previous clients? Get their permission to use those comments on your website. Letting potential new clients know that you have satisfied clients will help them feel better about choosing you.

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