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Audio & Video Recording Now Available for Android & iOS Apps!

New to the Music Teacher’s Helper Mobile Apps, you can now access the file area, record audio and video, upload, and create new folders with the app. Select the Files tab on the sidebar menu and click the + symbol on the top right to use these new functions. 

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Your students can also now record practice sessions in audio and video, save, and it automatically uploads to your file area in a sub-folder with the correct permissions. Students can also access other files shared with them by you.

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record music students audio

Your students can access these new features on the mobile app side bar menu under Practice Log.

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  2. Maria

    Is there a video demo of this feature?

    I’m unsure what is meant by “uploads to your file area in a sub-folder with the correct permissions.” Who determines the correct permissions?
    I don’t see a place in the app where I can assign a recording to a particular student so is this going out to all students, remaining private, or? Same question on when a student uploads. Does it go under their account? Is their name on it automatically? or is it a public file for all to see?

  3. Marcus

    This looks like a really awesome new feature that many of my students can benfit from. One question. Is it also possible to also do these audio/video recordings from a PC or Mac computer?

  4. musicteachers

    Hi Maria,

    We will have video demos for these features in the near future.

    Permissions are managed by teachers in the File Area itself, by clicking Edit on an item. If you upload an audio or video recording, it will be private to you until you choose to make it available to one, several, or all your students.

    You currently can not assign a recording to a particular student. You can share one with them using the instructions above.

    For when the student uploads, yes it goes under their account. Their name is added to the filename as a suggestion but can be overwritten, however, it is saved in a folder that has their name on it. No, it is not public. Nothing becomes available on your website or publicly.

    I hope that answers all your questions!

  5. Music Teacher's Helper

    Hi Marcus,

    The audio and video recording feature is currently only for the mobile apps. You will see the files you record on your desktop version once uploaded, but you can not actually record audio or video with out the app.

    If you would like to see audio and video recording implemented for desktop, please suggest it here:

    If we receive enough requests for it, we’ll develop it and you will be notified once it’s live. Thanks, Marcus!

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