Sandra Lundberg

Sandra Lundberg

I can’t even imagine starting a new student without using Bernard Shaak’s Piano Partners series. This set of three books helps me lay a solid foundation for everything that is to come.

The Piano Partners books were initially developed in the studio of master teachers Bernard and Carolyn Shaak, in Denver, Colorado, as they team-taught for many years until Bernard died unexpectedly. Carolyn would teach the children, while Bernie would teach the parent the same lesson in an adjoining studio, enabling the parent to continue the lessons throughout the week at home, thus truly becoming “piano partners.” The wopianopartners3 pianopartners2 pianopartners1nderful parent/child duets throughout the books made this an exciting experience.

Right from the start, book one, the “pink” book, interests the student in the geography of the keyboard. They learn very quickly how to navigate around the black key groups. Peter, Peter on the black keys sends them home from their very first lesson with a real song under their fingers. Soon they are learning verses to I Love Coffee and they are hooked on piano!

Nine rhythm patterns throughout the first book give students not only the opportunity to get these rhythms in their head and fingers, but also provide the perfect opportunity to  [···]

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