Deb Story

Deb Story

Debbie teaches Piano, Voice, and Painless Music Theory at Foster Family Music in Bettendorf, Iowa - where the Yamaha Clavinova Festival was created. She co-authored a series of piano lesson books with Scott Houston, host of the Emmy-winning Public TV show, “The Piano Guy”. This chord-based course has been taught at music stores throughout the country. Having developed many of her own teaching materials, she has been invited to present and consult at numerous events, including several presentations at the Music Teacher’s National Association annual conferences. She has been active in the Recreational Music Making movement, embracing the philosophy of music for the whole person, and every person, regardless of age or background - with a focus on the wellness benefits of music. Debbie uses a combination of traditional methods and the chord approach to give the student a well-rounded musical experience. Lessons are tailored to the individual, with emphasis on FUN and creativity for all ages. She is passionate about providing a unique range of opportunities and services to everyone from the recreational player through the aspiring musician, including: private and group lessons; ear training & theory; vocal audition and performance preparation; multi-track recording; and using the Clavinova to record custom-made sing-along and play-along arrangements for practice and fun.

Boy with Ears & Music

Using Various Technologies to Provide Play-Along Recordings to Students

One of the things I feel very strongly about as a music teacher is developing the  student’s ear – early, and often. I’m not just referring to the ear training exercises that most of us probably employ, but also using recorded examples at every possible opportunity.

I could write an entire post on why I believe this is so critical to the student’s success, and why I think audio examples and play-along recordings should be used constantly from the very beginning. For now, I’ll assume that most of you are already on board with this idea, and perhaps just need some ideas for HOW to provide recordings to students.   [···]

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