Ronnie Currey (Editor)

Ronnie Currey (Editor)


Below are some recent changes and other announcements we think you should know about.

New Features

Annual Pricing: pay once a year and save some cash – over the years, several Music Teacher’s Helper customers have asked for annual pricing. They want the convenience of not being billed every month. Today, we are excited to announce that annual pricing is available to all new and current users. You now have the option of monthly or annual billing.

Annual pricing is over 16% less than monthly. Or the equivalent of two months free per year. Do you sometimes downgrade to a lower price plan in summer months when you’re teaching fewer students? Switching to annual is essentially the same cost, but with less hassle. If you do switch to annual, you will be billed upfront for the next 12 months from the switch date. So let’s say you switch on November 1st, 2014; then you will be paid through November 1st, 2015. Please keep in mind that if you do cancel before those 12 months are up, there is no pro-rated refund. If you’d like to switch, click here for instructions and screenshots on how to do so.

Better search available on your blog page – visitors can now search for blog posts relevant to specific keywords they type into the search bar. For instance, if they are looking for a past post you mentioned to a student about practice tips, they can find that post more easily by searching “practice tips”. As always, you are able to create and assign categories for posts. So if you plan to write several posts about practice tips overtime, creating a category titled “Practicing” or Practice Tips” would be helpful. That way, when a visitor clicks that categories, they will see a list of all those posts you’ve assigned to it.

We’re also very excited about the progress we’re making on the new version of Music Teacher’s Helper. Some of the features we’re designing will also make it into the current version, so you can have them sooner. We’ll keep you posted as these become available.


Pay Now button no longer showing in parent and adult student dashboard if online payments are not enabled – previously, if you did not enable Paypal or credit card payments, the Pay Now button still appeared in the online dashboard for parents or adult students. It was only removed from the invoice. Naturally, this created confusion on occasion for students or their parent. So now, if you choose to not accept online payments, they will not see links anywhere to pay online.

PDF invoice generation issue  recently, it was brought to our attention that invoices were not generating properly for some users. After implementing several changes to resolve the issue, we learned that the service we were using to generate PDFs had limitations we didn’t realize until our volume increase to point in which invoices were sending out faster than they could process. We switched to a different PDF tool and everything has been fixed. We apologize if it caused a hold up in your billing. We love that our community is sending lots of invoices and we are here to ensure you are getting paid on time. Keep it up!

Have an excellent rest of October. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at or 1-800-517-2811.

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We are pleased to announce the following updates on the iOS and Android apps :

iOS app for music teachers

We’ve sent an update to Apple with iOS8 updates, bug fixes, and improvements including the time format update. Applying payments to student accounts will be coming in the 2.2 iOS app release soon.

We know you are busy teaching eager music students, but if you haven’t already, please leave the app a review. This is done by clicking the App Store icon, searching Music Teacher’s Helper, clicking our green logo, then Reviews, and Write a Review. This helps with our rankings and allows more teachers to find out about our great community. Thank you!

The Android beta testing has begun and we look forward to a public beta within the next two weeks.

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We are pleased to announce the new features and fixes last week.

New Features: 

  • The new and improved iOS app has been released. Click Here for more information.
  • We  will be releasing a new Android app within the next few weeks.


  • Former student events are now being removed from the calendar.
  • Files on the resource page can now be opened.
  • The letterhead for the Overdue Invoice was scrambled. This has been fixed.
  • The Menu Error when using Safari on the iPhone has been fixed.
  • The Due Date was incorrect on saved invoices in the invoice history (1.0). This has been fixed.
  • The Edit page is now showing the same format on the homepage website.
  • Payments not entered into parent account has been fixed.
  • Invoicing 1.0 and 2.0: Flat fees were not reflecting on scheduled invoices being sent out. This has been fixed.
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