Wendy Morgan Hunter

Wendy Morgan Hunter

Wendy Morgan Hunter is a soprano, music director, conductor, and private voice teacher. Wendy has performed opera, oratorio, jazz and musical theatre across the United States, from New York’s Lincoln Center to Los Angeles’ Greek Theatre, and recently in Europe. She studied with Erie Mills and has sung under the direction of Maestro Roger Wagner, Dr. Thomas Summerville, Dr. Paul Salamonovich, Maestros Gary Unruh, Rafael Ornes, and Rodney Eichenberger. Wendy was the winner of the Marilyn Horne Endowment, Winner of the SCVA Vocal Competition, and the Los Angeles Young Artist of the Future competition. She has sung with numerous opera and theatre companies including Opera San Jose, and creating the role of The Witch in Stephen Sondheim’s first off-Broadway production of “Into The Woods” produced by Disney artists and directed by Kevin Lima. Mrs. Hunter has a CD available titled “The Standards of Love”. She holds a B.M. in Vocal Arts from the University of Southern California. Wendy has created and conducted numerous children’s choirs throughout the state of California in the last eighteen years for Elementary through High School Students and for the Boys and Girls Clubs of America, who awarded her an Outstanding Program Award. She is currently assisting with the creation of the Campbell Children’s Theatre Foundation, Music Directing for the Campbell Unified School District’s Musical Theatre Productions, and has a private studio of 55 private voice students. A mother of three, she is happily married to Jeff Hunter, Head of Recruiting for Bridgewater, Associates and author of Talentism.com.

The Search

This month I am closing my West Coast Vocal Studio and heading to the East Coast. As I prepared to do this,  I wanted to assist my students in the process of selecting a new teacher. I hope the letter below is helpful to some of you!

Hello Dear Singers and Families,

Well it is that time! As we begin to prepare our move and I close my west coast studio, it is now time to refer you to other teachers.

I am copying all of you on this list of teachers, and recommending one for each of you to try first. I have taken into account the following aspects of both you and the teachers I am recommending, including :
1. Personality
2. Skill level
3. Strengths and weaknesses
4. I encourage you to give the teacher I chose for you a try first, and if you are not comfortable, try another.

It is fine to “date” multiple teachers for a few lessons while you determine your new path, but not to be “engaged” to more than one- that is not acceptable private teacher behavior.
1. Be up front that you are shopping for a new teacher, tell them I recommended you if I did, and try them a few times.
2. When you have settled on the teacher you think is the best fit for you, then tell them you have decided.
3. This “dating process” is a two way street. If the teacher feels they cannot help you or your personalities do not fit, they can say “no thanks” as well. Do not take this personally, as it is part of the matching up process! You want your teacher to be at their best, and you want to be at your best, and if your personalities and skills don’t mesh, learning may be a struggle. [···]

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On occasion  I have singers come to lessons who have not practiced since I saw them last, but for the most part I find my singers practice- but practice “inefficiently”.  What is “efficient” practice? Efficient practice usually entails setting a goal or goals and accomplishing them.

Here are some simple tips for efficient vocal practice.

  1. Set your goal for this practice session. Do I need to build stamina?  Work a difficult leap?  Master some stylistic issue or rhythmic passage?  Am I struggling with a fast Italian passage or run? Once you have identified what you want to accomplish then…..
  2. Warm-up
  3. Sing through your piece.   Note where you are struggling – whether it be with unsure notes, struggling for notes, lack of ability/prowess/energy on a note or a passage, word, stylistic, rhythm, or interpretation issues.
  4. Once through the piece, Jot the trouble sections down – use measure numbers, words, or page numbers to indicate where the trouble spots are.  Hang on to these notes for your next practice session and/or lesson! [···]
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I have been using Music Teacher’s Helper for years now as I was an early adopter –and I love the system, but I have had to manage two calendars for all of those years: My “life” calendar- Franklin Covey , and my MTH calendar. Of course this broke the cardinal rule of the Franklin Covey system! Keep one calendar!

A year ago we downloaded “calengoo” in an attempt to manage my multiple calendars because it could talk to MTH and gather that calendar information, however every time I tried to open the app it had to run a tedious download of information that took 5-7 minutes – not usable for entering quick information or scheduling meetings and events when you are on the go, or for quickly knowing where you needed to be next!

Now, thanks to google cal – I can see my MTH calendar, my daughter’s school calendar (it links directly), several rehearsal schedules for shows I am directing, my performance calendar, my husband’s calendar (can we ever have a date?) and my family’s life calendars. Not only that, but they can all be color coded- yet be in one calendar! The page loads very quickly – I use an Iphone 4 now and I keep it on my home page of apps. You can sort by calendar… (ie: hide my current show calendar) or see them all and then some! I added US holidays and my favorite football teams game schedule from the options listed on the google calendar site!

The combination of MTH’s improved calendar sharing and the Google Cal app has drastically improved my ability to manage my life efficiently when away from my desktop. I highly recommend you give it a try!

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