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BumpTop?!? What’s That???

Ah, the never-ending quest for organization of our desks. Or our computers! There is a “new” program out there (it’s been around for several years, but is now really taking off) called BumpTop. It is a 3D virtual desktop for your computer that just overlays your current Windows desktop & allows you to organize information in a more intuitive way. For those, like me, who like to pile, it’s PERFECT!!

Have you always hated to manually organize your files into separate folders? Haven’t you wished you could sort by TYPE of program rather than name? What about an easy way to search through all those icons cluttering your desktop? BumpTop does this.

I ran across BumpTop a few weeks ago when I noticed a tweet on Twitter saying that Mashable (follow @mashable for really good tech news!) was giving away 200 free copies of the pro version (the basic version is free! Pro is only $29.99). A 3D desktop where I can organize quickly & easily with just one mouse movement? I thought it sounded intriguing enough that I entered – and I won a copy!! Interested in this? Well, they’ve created a YouTube video that shows it off.

I created a video about how I use BumpTop and some tweaks that I have done. I found it incredibly easy and intuitive to use. My daughters are both using it as well (ages 4 & 7) on their logins on the computer. My 7-year old has the “Hideously Pink” theme going on and my 4-year old has the “Clean Orange” theme are her background. I use a combination of the Classic Blue that comes with BumpTop & the Psychedelic! theme that I downloaded from the BumpTop Themes website. I found that the easiest way to add themes was to download the zipped folder, then when I uncompress it into it’s own folder (also called the name of the theme), I just move that folder into the C:/Program Files/Bumptop/Themes folder. Once you’ve done that, when you right-click on the BumpTop desktop itself, you can choose to change your settings & the new theme will show up in the Themes tab. It’s not hard to do, and it’s not even hard to combine themes as I did.

Check it out! I think BumpTop has a lot of features that apply to artists and teachers who HAVE to be organized in particular. What do you think? How might you tweak your desktop? Is it just TOO crazy? I showed my voice teacher (who is famous for not knowing how to use a computer AND having tons of files strewn across her entire desktop) and she just couldn’t handle it. Maybe she can try again later. Truthfully, I have been using computers for a while & am comfortable playing around with stuff. But you DON’T have to be an expert to use & enjoy BumpTop (free OR Pro)!

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