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Announcements and feature updates for Music Teacher’s Helper

We are pleased to announce the new features and fixes last week.

New Features: 

  • The new and improved iOS app has been released. Click Here for more information.
  • We  will be releasing a new Android app within the next few weeks.


  • Former student events are now being removed from the calendar.
  • Files on the resource page can now be opened.
  • The letterhead for the Overdue Invoice was scrambled. This has been fixed.
  • The Menu Error when using Safari on the iPhone has been fixed.
  • The Due Date was incorrect on saved invoices in the invoice history (1.0). This has been fixed.
  • The Edit page is now showing the same format on the homepage website.
  • Payments not entered into parent account has been fixed.
  • Invoicing 1.0 and 2.0: Flat fees were not reflecting on scheduled invoices being sent out. This has been fixed.
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iOS app for music teachers

We are proud to announce that the newest update for the Music Teacher’s Helper iPhone app is now available in the iTunes App Store. A lot of thought, resources, and testing from current users went into this completely redesigned app that compliments the Music Teacher’s Helper web app. We’re confident you are going to love it. And it’s free to download.


How to download the Music Teacher’s Helper iPhone App:

  1. Select the App Store icon from your iPhone.
  2. Click the “Search” function from the bottom menu.
  3. Type in “Music Teacher’s Helper”.
  4. Then click the cloud icon with a downward facing arrow.

App Store icon.

If you already have the app downloaded, you will see an update available in the App Store. Go ahead and click update to view the new version.

Why use the Music Teacher’s Helper app?studentlist_app

The iPhone app allows you to do and view most functions as the web app version of the software. Here are some examples where the app could come in handy:

  • Easily add, view, or edit student information and call or email them with one click from your phone.
  • View your schedule when not in front of your computer or laptop.
  • Add mileage right from your iPhone before stepping out of your car (make sure to park first!).

There are many more reasons to use the app. Different teachers use it for different reasons.

We haven’t forgotten about Android! 

We are finishing testing for the initial Google Play Store release to support Android devices. We will make an announcement once it’s available.

We’re committed to releasing future updates, and ensure the app runs smoothly. If you have any specific feedback about using the app or encounter any issues, please email That will help us make the app better.

Also, please take a minute and leave a review at the App Store.

To check out the Music Teacher’s Helper iTunes page, click here.

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Founder and CEO of Music Teacher’s Helper, Brandon Pearce, started teaching piano when he was sixteen years old. He soon realized he needed a better way to keep track of the finances, lesson progress, and schedules for his studio. Shortly after entering college to study computer programming, Brandon created a tool to help him do just this, with no intention of turning it into a business.

Other private music teachers saw the benefits of using the software Brandon had created for himself and asked to use it too. So Brandon made it available to other teachers. But he did not stop there. Using feedback from early adopters, improvements were added. The response was overwhelmingly positive and as a result, Music Teacher’s Helper was born.

One of our first website layouts!

One of our first website layouts!

From its humble beginnings in 2004, Music Teacher’s Helper has grown into a comprehensive studio management tool, spreading to over 14,000 teachers in 40 countries. We hear every week from users how the software has saved them time, money, reduced their stress, and increased the professionalism and organization in their studios.

Today, the company has over 25 team members, eagerly serving current users and working hard to play a part in the success of each and every person that uses Music Teacher’s Helper.

Current dashboard.

Current dashboard.


The Next 10 Years

Music Teacher’s Helper is dedicated to continue listening to our users, improving products and services based on that feedback, and helping them achieve their goals.

In the coming years, expect some exciting announcements. For example:

  • A complete redesign of the software taking into account everything we’ve learned in the past ten years, including feedback from teachers and their students with several upcoming surveys.
  • Further improvements to our website experience from mobile devices. Like a completely redesigned iPhone app launching this month & Android app coming shortly after!
  • More products and services to help teachers grow and manage their studios.

Music Teacher’s Helper will become more than software and is nowhere near finished making our products and community the best it can be.

A glimpse at what's to come.

A glimpse at what’s to come.


Thank You

To celebrate Music Teacher’s Helper 10 year anniversary, we want to thank the people that have supported us and helped create the amazing community we have today. From September 8th to October 10th, we will be holding two special online events:

1) Helping music classrooms across the United States: Please consider joining us in giving and sharing the music projects listed on our Donors Choose giving page:

2) A Facebook and Blog contest with BIG prizes: Details to come on October 1st.

Thank you to our loyal customers and we look forward to serving you the next 10+ years!

Please check out our Donor Choose giving page. 

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