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Hello members of the Music Teacher’s Helper Community. As we are constantly growing, so is the quality and quantity of articles on our blog and newsletters.

You can use the blog for a splendid tool for gathering much needed info for your studio and use of Music Teacher’s Helper. Below are a few ways to make the blog work for you:

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Please enter a comment, or email me at if you have any questions, comments or suggestions concerning the Blog or Newsletter. Also let me know if you have a particular subject that you would like to share with  other members. A good article of interest by you could be published on our blog and newsletter for over four thousand of our members around the world to read and gather ideas to improve their studio.

Thanks for your support and interest in Music Teacher’s Helper.

Ronnie Currey
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One of the questions asked the most by music teachers to our support team is “How can I change the studio name on the website?”, or “Can I change my address to the studio website?”. Some teachers have even canceled their membership and signed up a second time so that the above changes could me made.

It is quite easy to make these changes, as well as other changes, to your existing web  site. Go to (Home -> My Studio Website -> Website Preferences). On this page you can make either of the above changes as well as insert a quotation for your homepage, or show/hide the login sidebar and/or announcements.

If you have any questions on how to do this or anything else on your webpage, please do not hesitate to contact our fine support team, who stay on top of your questions 24/7.

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For a few years now, my husband and I have hosted house concerts. Touring acoustic bands come through and perform an intimate show in our living room while all of our friends drink wine and snack on different appetizers. A suggested donation is offered to the guests, but it is at their discretion that they put as much cash as they want into the tip jar. All of this cash goes to the musicians, and sometimes it is their most lucrative show on their tour. I have been to other house concerts, and everyone does it differently. Sometimes a friend will sit at the door and collect the cash before guests walk in. Sometimes there will be a jam session at the end of the evening.  Sometimes the host will open the show. It is a great way to bring live music into your home, and the creative possibilities are endless.  [···]

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