New Features and Fixes

As we enter the Holiday Season, students are preparing for winter break, studio recitals, and parties. We hope to release dozens of new studio website themes within the next few weeks, as we are currently testing each template thoroughly making them available to our members.

Every week we post new features and fixes on our Facebook and Twitter page. Last month we will also begin posting the features and fixes weekly on our blog, as we are aware that many of you do not use social media accounts. You can also read current blog posts as well as the new weekly updates at the bottom of your MTH home page after you log-in.

Here are the Latest Updates made in November 2012:

New Fixes:

  • The Mobile Web App would not reconcile all day events. This has been fixed.
  • Inaccurate Automatic Invoicing sidebar widget calculation has been fixed.
  • Automatic invoicing was not sending out invoices. This has been fixed.
  • The PDF version of invoices will now shows the symbol for the chosen currency.
  • Under “Manage Students”, the Advance Search field is now working.
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