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Expose your students–and yourself–to as many styles of music as possible.  If you are involved in a fixed curriculum, plan some times to step out of it and include something different.

Every style of playing music embraces players of top quality.  Find them or recordings of them and let your students listen, and it’s of course educational for us as teachers as well.  We need to set the example for students to be exposed to a variety of styles, whether readily available or not.

Nowadays media companies try to control what most people hear in order to sell lots of their own product.  They know that people like what they hear the most.  Classical music wasn’t elitist when Walt Disney used it for all his sound tracks.

Too often we are prejudiced against a whole type of music without really listening to it, or without listening to good practitioners of that style.  For example,  [···]

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I was lucky way back in high school, when my German teacher introduced me to Pachelbel’s Canon, before it was well known. In my high school, all the teachers had masters degrees, but oddly enough, both our German teachers had Ph.D.’s in music!

When it came time to write little bios in German class about different artists, musicians, architects, and writers, I chose Pachelbel–out of the blue, really. My teacher, who played harpsichord, came in one day with a copy for me of Pachelbel’s Canon and Gigue for 3 Violins and Continuo. I found it a beautiful piece, and fun to play, and because I came to appreciate it on my own, I suppose, it never affected me that the Canon has become so commonplace and subject to overuse in weddings and on elevator sound tracks, etc.

Johan Pachelbel was born in 1653 in Nuremburg, Germany, and died when he was 52, also in Nuremburg, though in the mean time he had lived in Vienna, and for some years lived in a house owned by the Bach family. Pachelbel was best known as an organ composer, and was important in the development of the fugue, of which he wrote about 100. [···]

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quotations“In art, one has more often to fight against oneself, and the victories one wins are perhaps the most beautiful.” –Claude Debussy

One of the best ways to capture the attention of someone coming to your music teaching website is with a musical quote. Fortunately, most of the website templates that are available with Music Teacher’s Helper come already pre-loaded with one.

However, you can customize your website to reflect your philosophy and agenda as a music educator by adding a quote of your own choice. After you’ve logged in and are at your studio dashboard, go through the following dropdown menus to change your website’s default quote:


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