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You may have noticed various websites popping up to match people up–some are for dating, of course, but others are for matching artists and performance venues, such as in New England, and others are for helping students and teachers find each other.

I checked out a few of these student-teacher services to review and describe a bit about how they work, how much they cost, etc. One seems a bit better organized than others, so that’s the one I’ll discuss this week. It was started a little over a year ago, and is called Click For Lessons.

Based in San Diego, the site has grown tremendously. It matches students with potential teachers not only in music, but also in dance, singing, languages, acting, and art. A lot of the categories are musical instruments, so at first I assumed the main use of the site was for music, but the site’s blog has an article listing the most popular lessons requested in 2006, and many of them were for dancing.

The site’s most popular lesson requests last year were, in order:  [···]

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As we all know, the internet is an amazing resource, although you sometimes need a keen eye to distinguish the quality sites from the hype and fluff.

I saw one music site with amazing free services but the site was peppered with advertisements, and downloading its free software then required other special software. ┬áThere’s that uncomfortable feeling of installing someone’s free software–you wonder who’s trying to put what on your computer. Then there’s that other uncomfortable suspicion, that “free” services loaded with ads are likely to cost more ads and even spam emails.

One site had some intriguing music teaching games but it soon became clear these were hooks for joining the site, which primarily offered web advertising for private teaching. Since private teaching is generally a local activity, and the web is international, it seems odd to pay top dollar for web advertising that’s intended for a local market. Of course, it makes sense to be able to put up local flyers or weblinks which connect to a studio website, but then Music Teacher’s Helper provides that, plus all the services we use in working with our students.

In any case, after sifting some of the sites, I thought I’d highlight the following sites that are of special interest to music teachers– [···]

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