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Have you ever noticed the difference in how musicians feel about performing compared with how listeners feel about it? Most people are very appreciative of performances, but sometimes people view things very differently.  There are those who presume that anyone who gets on stage is in it for the applause, or is egotistical, or a narcissist.  You might be interested in a survey about this (see below). 

More to the point for teachers, perhaps, is that sometimes parents or others seem to think performances only look like fun if everyone’s smiling!

To me, music is fun because it engages each person at his or her own level. It’s hard work but rewarding, and in doing that work, we learn that having fun isn’t all about smiling, relaxing or playing games.  As a musician, this is probably obvious, but it’s good once in a while to think about it, and if you have an angle of your own on this, or a story to share, by all means add a comment at the end of this post. 

So, to what degree is music about showing off, self-expression, self-esteem, or just plain self?  Are musicians narcissists?

Drew Pinsky, a physician who cohosts Loveline, managed to get 200 celebrities to fill out a “Narcissism Personality Inventory” survey, and found that the least narcissistic celebrities were…guess who? Musicians.

The study suggests that  [···]

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While a performance student in my bachelor’s and master’s degree, I had access to so many wonderful books, recordings, videos, and music. As a student, I spent considerable time in the music library just listening to my favorite recordings, translating all of my repertoire, and looking for ever challenging music that I would some day sing.

Now as a private teacher, I want my students to have access to the same resources I had, and I want to keep an eye out for the latest in technique and performance preparation writings to keep my teaching fresh and on pointe. I have compiled a list of books that include some of the classic standbys, along with some new literature. In my first article, I will focus on studio management, and technique development. If you are currently teaching voice, and have found a resource that you think is particularly valuable that is not listed here, please post it in the comment box below. The art of singing and the teaching of singing are ever evolving, and so should this list!

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Practicing and performing music is a very physical activity.  In spite of all the mental and emotional exertion that goes into it, we must always remember how physical it is. 

Below are some thoughts about physical injury from music, and here’s a website link that can give you lots of information about this subject, including practical tips, anatomical information, and a list of excellent books. [···]

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