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  • Over the next few months, I’d love your help in compiling a list of  resources for teaching music creativity. My own experience has been that it is difficult to find adequate materials in the areas of  improvisation and composition curricula, and I would love to know about  resources you use to inspire your students in their music creativity!  I will share some of my favorites. As you can see, many of them are my own, developed for use in my own teaching and then published for others. They have been successful!  But, I would really value your suggestions as well! Please add your favorites by comment, and I will amend the list as we go!

Here’s just a start…as I am on vacation as I write this, so I may be able to add more upon returning to my studio after the New Year!

Resources for Music Creativity –

Places to Start, and Were to Find Them

Imagery and Stories

Child’s Garden of Verses by Robert Louis Stevenson (all levels) – Amazon

Crazy Staves by C. Schumann (beg/int) – Piacere Music Press

Flip for Improvisation “Jr” and “Original” (beg/int) by C. Schumann – Piacere Music Press


Clap and Count Cards by J. Calder – Making Music Fun

Flip for Improvisation “Sr” by C. Schumann (int/adv) – Piacere Music Press

Scales and Modes

Flip for Improvisation “Sr” by C. Schumann  (int/adv) – Piacere Music Press

Lead Line

Folk Fake Book by  K. Ziegler (easy arrangements and keys) – Piacere Music Press

Various fake books  from your local music store or  Sheet Music Plus or  Amazon


Pop Piano by Mark Harrison  (late int/adv) – Harrison Music


Jazz-Blues Piano  Book and  by Mark Harrison (late int/adv) – Harrison Music

Quick Starts

Jump Starts for Composition by C. Schumann  (int/adv) – Piacere Music Press

Composition Method Books

Music by Me Series by K. Olson & W. Rossi  (beg) – FJH Music

Composition and Improvisation Projects

Activity Maestro by K. Ziegler (beg/int) Piacere Music Press

Music Creativity in Bloom ~ Dozens of Inspiring Ideas to help you teach Composition and Improvisation –

Please Comment With Your Favorites and Check Back…hoping for more to come!

P.S.  In case you’d like my comp/improv blog articles in hard copy…I’ve published them in a 23 page book form: Music Creativity in Bloom ~ Dozens of Inspiring Ideas to help you teach Composition and Improvisation,is now available at

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  1. Billy Wear

    Thanks for everything! Even though I’m not using the the site , i do get all of your updates and you keep me inspired not to give up teaching!

  2. Christine Schumann

    Hi Billy,

    Thank you so much for your comment! It’s incredibly rewarding for me to get feedback that these articles are being read out there, and are providing some encouragement to other teachers! I checked out your site and am super impressed by your professional work as a drummer. I’m sure your students are excited to get to work with a teacher who’s played with so many other fabulous and famous musicians, and on TV, etc! Also, I enjoyed listening to your new recordings on the Ristband site! Since you’ve read several of my articles, it seems, you know I really love to bring percussion into the learning process. Do you have any favorite rhythm resources you use for your students? I’d love it if you could share some new ideas here!

    Thanks again,

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