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Develop the Mind’s Ear with Meludia

Imagine a pink elephant. You’ve just used your mind’s eye. Now imagine the tune “Happy Birthday.” You’ve just used your mind’s ear. If you struggled to recreate the tune in your head it means your audiation skills could use some help. Perhaps you (like me) favor reading the score over using the ear. Perhaps you recognize your need to dedicate more time to developing your mind’s ear to build a comprehensive musician skill set? If so, you (and your students!) need Meludia.

What immediately fascinated me with this elaborate ear training program was its elegant visual appeal. I’ve never seen such a dynamic integration of artistic graphics and intuitive interface with a comprehensive set of 600 listening drills!

The immense depth of the program is demonstrated in the compartmentalization of listening components. There are drills that ask if the tones are ascending or descending–pretty typical–while another section asks how many tones are played at one time. I don’t recall anyone ever asking me that before! Meludia uses a language that immediately connects with anyone. Instead of asking if tones sound dissonant and consonant, the listener is asked to identify if tones sound stable or unstable.

The stylized, streamlined graphics visually support each question and help the listener connect an image with the sound. This carefully sequenced approach is divided into four levels to suit any musician from beginner to professional: Discovery, Intermediate, Advanced, Expert.

If you follow my posts, you know I’m a huge fan of apps and particularly those suited for the iPad. Meludia is not an app (yet!) but the French, web-based program can be played on the iPad as well as the a computer or any tablet. Instead of me going on and on about Meludia, make sure to see AND hear it for yourself. In addition, invite ALL your students of any age and level to experience it.

Enjoy a free, two-week access to the premium version. Use this code: ML-AM-LEILA.

With the enormous amount of tools available for improving musicianship, Meludia stands out because of its sophisticated yet simplistic comprehensive approach that connects emotions to listening skills. I’ll close with their mission statement:

Learning music must remain a pleasure and a source of emotions. For it to be natural, we need to focus on the syllables, on the fundamentals of music. We need to focus on our musical ear, on our musical brain, on the way that we analyze sound, on the way that we process music in our mind. Because the better our ear, the better we can play and create music. That is the potential of our musical brain. We don’t have to suffer for years before becoming a musician.

Our mission at Meludia is to make music learning more effective, more engaging and more enjoyable. We want to give everyone a privileged access to music, whatever their profile, from the beginner to the expert musician, whatever their style of music. That is what Meludia is all about.

Want to learn more specifics about Meludia? Click MeludiaPresentation_Letter.

Want to learn how to use this in your school or studio? Click Teachers_Letter.

In case you would like to buy several subscriptions for a number of students, contact Meludia because there are discounts for people buying several yearly subscriptions at once.

Register for your free two-week premium version here.

Make sure to use this code: ML-AM-LEILA

For pricing details, follow this link.

Perhaps it’s time to invest in your ears!

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  1. Morgan Weisenburger

    I cannot figure out how to get the free trial. It just takes me to the invoice page, where I have to select Bahamas because U.S. is not listed, and then it takes me directly to paypal. Where and when do I enter the code? Also, their page is kind of sketchy. It’s difficult to find information, and then when I finally found their “contact me,” it wouldn’t let me submit it.
    I’ve tried a bunch of the exercises and I really like them! The website is just kind of confusing….

  2. Leila J Viss

    Hi Morgan. I just passed your concerns along to the folks at Meludia. I hope they can help you with your issues!

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