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Recently I set the challenge for some of my students to find what they thought was the most useful free music iPhone app. A recent focus in my studio on developing aural skills was evident when multiple students came back raving about a free app called ‘Ear Trainer Lite’ (the full Ear Trainer app costs $7.49).

I downloaded the free version and found it to be very useful and not too limited, as many ‘lite’ versions can be. The lite version of the app covers Intervals, Major & Minor Triads, Cadences & Chord Progressions and Scale Recognition. The app contains information explaining each of the concepts that it covers, with links to websites more information if required. There is a section where students can track the statistics of their progress, which would be great for teachers to check in with how their students are doing as well. Exercises can also be slower down (a must for any ear training app I believe) and you can also limit the exercises to certain keys. A small keyboard can be activated for students to work on during the exercises also, although none of my students used this feature.

The Interval training is set up so that students choose between two intervals, which I think would be fantastic for beginner students, where you might only introduce one or two intervals at a time. There are options to play melodic intervals both ascending and descending, as well as playing them as harmonic intervals. The same options are given for major and minor triads.

I like the versatility of this app, the ability for it to be used by students of all levels, and of course, the price (free!). I think it will definitely be recommended to my students who haven’t already discovered it and exploring the full-priced version also. If you have a favorite ear training app I’d love to hear about it in the comments section below.

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  1. Leila Viss

    Ahhh…thank you, I love to hear about new apps for the iphone and ipad!

  2. Barb Nelsen

    Thank you for this great tip! I didn’t even think about a phone app for ear training! this will definitely help my students on their way to success.. AND they will LOVE that they get to use their phones in class!

  3. Mike Eggar

    Might I suggest my app? It’s called “Ear Training” and it’s good for recognizing major and minor modes, intervals and chords. I have a few promo codes available if anyone would like a free app.

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