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You may have noticed various websites popping up to match people up–some are for dating, of course, but others are for matching artists and performance venues, such as in New England, and others are for helping students and teachers find each other.

I checked out a few of these student-teacher services to review and describe a bit about how they work, how much they cost, etc. One seems a bit better organized than others, so that’s the one I’ll discuss this week. It was started a little over a year ago, and is called Click For Lessons.

Based in San Diego, the site has grown tremendously. It matches students with potential teachers not only in music, but also in dance, singing, languages, acting, and art. A lot of the categories are musical instruments, so at first I assumed the main use of the site was for music, but the site’s blog has an article listing the most popular lessons requested in 2006, and many of them were for dancing.

The site’s most popular lesson requests last year were, in order: piano, hip-hop dance, guitar, salsa dance, belly dance, acting, violin, ballroom, and drum lessons. These accounted for over 60% of the requests. Of course, that leaves quite a few other kinds of interests, especially when considering that the site said it received more than 200,000 requests last year.

The idea is to give potential students the opportunity to look up teachers in their home area, without charge. If there are teachers within 50 miles (or another distance selected by the student), those names will show up. The student can then look up what the teacher listed about his or her bio, methods, prices, etc., and put in a request to contact the teacher. The teacher receives an email “lead” in order to contact the student, and hopefully, a new student arrives at the studio door not long afterwards.

After two free leads, teachers can choose how many leads per month they are willing to pay for. The cost per lead is a one-time charge of $3.95 ($4.95 is the lead is for more than one student) or there’s an option to pay $6.95 per lead to get exclusives, where no other teacher is contacted.

The site seems pretty well put together, and considerate of both teachers and students, including a good privacy policy, although there are lots of ads at every step of the way.

If you’ve tried the site, post a comment below about how it worked (or didn’t work) for you. I hope to give it a shot, and follow up on the results in a later blog.

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Ed Pearlman
Ed Pearlman has focused on performing, teaching, and judging fiddle music for over 30 years, offering performances and workshops throughout the USA and in Canada and Scotland. His original training was with members of the Chicago and Boston Symphonies, and he played with orchestras and chamber groups at Yale and in Boston. He currently teaches privately in Maine and at workshops around the countr... [Read more]


  1. Chris Hoovler

    Clickforlessons is indeed a resourceful site, as I have used it myself. But as a teacher, paying for leads after 2 freebies is not fun at all. I decided to start my own site to make it free for everyone and there are no hoops to jump through for the student to get to a teacher. I hope you find it to be a helpful resource. Listings are free, forever, and so are leads. Comments are welcome.

  2. Anna Lisa Ohnstad

    I use Click for Lessons and have received four leads so far this year, three of which are now students. It’s a great service! The cost is very small considering that I don’t have to do any advertising work! The price of a lead is more than covered even if they only take one lesson. Charging per lead keeps Click for Lessons on its toes because if I don’t get leads, they don’t get paid. The one student who didn’t study with me was a non-exclusive lead and a different teacher got to her before I did… man! 🙂

  3. Jerene Murrey

    Click for Lessons has been a very good resource for me. I started back to teaching piano this spring, and looked on the internet for ways to advertise, and found several. Click for Lessons has been the one site that I have received several leads which have produced students. One good thing I would like to pass on, is they no longer charge per lead as of August 6, 2007. You can bid in an auction for top placement on the page, if you desire. Their reasoning is they have been able to get advertising dollars from large companies to support the site, and they didn’t like the idea of charging music teachers for leads.

  4. LearnMusic is a truly needed service. It helped me find a great voice teacher blocks from my house. I was also able to review bio’s of 8 teachers in my area and make my selection all online. Thanks Clickforlessons!

  5. learn guitar online

    loving the blog!! great stuff

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