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“Forte” Notation Software: A Review

I recently began using Forte notation software to compose or write sheet music especially tailored for my students. Forte not only records tracks and allows you to play back your creation, you can also use the software to edit MIDI files.

Some of the many features of Forte is it’s ability to  Sequence and transpose by Instrument. The software also has a MIDI in & out, as as Punch Record, Loop Record & Playback. The list goes on and on.You can go to and check it out for yourself.

I was a little hesitant at first, as I thought software with these feature would take time to learn. I then learned that there was a program you could download called “Forte in Ten Minutes”. Without too much work or studying the manual I was up to speed writing out my music for the students. Forte provides a good music teacher resource for their students.

I have tried several programs, especially ones in the music departments of schools, and I found them a little expensive to purchase as well as a little time consuming to learn. Forte is downloaded from their site and has a freeware version as well as a standard version you can try for 30 days. After trying it I had to get it and use it in my studio. Forte Light is $60, and the Standard version is $180. You can also download a feature comparison chart so you can decide which version is right for you.

Has anyone else used Forte? What is your opinion as a music teacher?

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  2. Jonathan Jeremiah Meda

    I am a bandsman playing for The Salvation Army Band in Zimbabwe. I teach music to young children as well as assist in instructing the senior band. I have browsed through the information on your website and I have really appreciated it. Its a quite useful tool and easy to use. It also helps to make the work a lot easy through transposing, playback etc.

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