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Get ready for NAMM…

Right now, teachers are gearing up for end of semester recitals, benefit concerts, holiday school concerts, and holiday gigs. And then there’s the additional blur of holiday shopping trips and social commitments. But it’s definitely time to make plans for the January 2012 NAMM show if you haven’t already done so. NAMM is taking place from January 19th to January 22nd, 2012 in Anaheim, California. Music Education Days is Jan. 21st to 22nd. About 1,400 exhibitors are participating and over 90,000 people will attend.

In one of my earlier blogs, “NAMM and the Music Educator“, I discussed what the NAMM show is and why music educators might want to consider attending. There are opportunities for networking, free workshops and events, and companies are displaying music related products. There are plenty of opportunities to do hands on demoing of products. And frequently you see products that aren’t sold in stores in your area.

I run into many music educators who don’t know that they are welcome to attend NAMM and that it’s quite easy to get a badge. Usually I send them a few links to check out and the registration information, and they become interested in attending.

NAMM is not open to the public, but you can go online and register for the event in advance. If you register before January 5th, there is a $25 registration fee. After January 5th, it increases to $50.

Check out my earlier article to find out more reasons why music educators may benefit from attending NAMM.

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