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Getting Innovative with MTH, Part 2

In my series of blogs called ‘Getting Innovative with MTH’, I am sharing some of my favourite workarounds that help me in Music Teacher’s Helper for a ‘One Stop’ approach for all my studio needs.




Creating an ‘Inventory of Items for Sale’ 

I offer books/accessories to my students when teaching my lessons. This helps to ensure there is no delay in starting them with suitable material.

So I have created a way which works for me to keep a track of inventory purchases for sale within MTH.

As with my ‘To Do List’ (see my previous blog – Getting Innovative with MTH, Part 1), I have created a web page that personally only I can see, like this:

[Website, Pages, New Page], (inactive),
with a page name of ‘Inventory items for Sale’, and suggested Page Order 2
(so it appears at the top of the list onscreen to make it easier to get to, under my ‘To Do List’ as that is Page Order 1).

Once the webpage has been created, I copy my purchases so I have an accurate starting point.

Whenever I purchase something that I want to list in my Inventory, I have a category called ‘Item for Sale’.  To get an starting copy of all these items into my webpage, I action the following steps:

[Billing, Expenses], search ‘Sale’
to get a list of the Category ‘Item for Sale’
(note: I find that searching for ‘Item for Sale’ does not filter them, so just put in the word ‘Sale’ or another unique word).

You will now see a list of all items for sale.  At the bottom of the list, click on [Export to Excel]

Switch program from MTH, and then open Excel.

Change the name of the column called ‘RecurringTransactionID’, changing it to ‘Stock’.  If there is anything else in that column, delete that text so the column is blanked out.  Select the text columns you want to include for your inventory – I selected from [Expense Date] to [Stock].

Note: if you will want additional columns in your inventory in MTH, you should firstly insert those columns in Excel before you continue, as it is not easy to add columns within MTH.  You should also include those columns within the area you are selecting.

[Edit, Copy]

Excel export file

Excel export file

Switch programs back to MTH.

[Edit] your ‘Inventory Items for Sale’ webpage if not already visible:

[Edit, Paste] the copied text directly into the webpage.  It will look something like this:

Inventory for Sale

Inventory for Sale

Then change the number in the ‘Stock’ column to reflect the amount of items you current have for each inventory item.

You might also want to ‘tidy up’ the headings and put a space between the words so they don’t look as though they are spelt incorrectly (i.e. put a space between the words “Expense” and “Date”) etc.


To make changes to the inventory as you sell each item, go back and edit the webpage to reduce the number of items sold to show an accurate count of what is still in stock.  Also add new items you subsequently purchase to the bottom of the list if it didn’t already exist.  Save each time you make a change to the list.

That works for me to keep a track of all my Inventory of books and accessories for sale to my students.

Would that idea work for your Inventory as well?

In my next blog post in this series ‘Getting Innovative with MTH, I will show you how I remember all my own personal appointments, family birthdays, important events, etc. in my ‘One Stop’ approach.

What else would you like to be able to do in MTH?

Maggie George L.R.A.M.


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Maggie George
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Having sold the business back in September 2013, they returned to their home country, England, where they now teach private lessons at ... [Read more]


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